Published February 4, 2022 by Ichor Blood Services
Ichor Brings Our Mobile Lab Services Directly To You

Ichor Blood Services mobile lab testing allows for convenient testing in your own home! At Ichor Blood, we understand the stress that Canadians have been under these last few years and we know the importance of understanding your health has been ever increasing. But we also know that getting out of the house can be difficult. So that Canadians can receive their medical testing services without concerns regarding transportation, crowds, or long wait times, Ichor Blood provides mobile lab services. Our at-home specimen collection allows you and your family to access health screenings in a stress-free, convenient environment, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Benefits Of Mobile Lab Testing

Ichor Blood Mobile Lab Testing offers patients a convenient and safe way to get their blood and other specimen collections completed without the need to leave their homes. This is particularly beneficial because:

  • At Home Services Offer Convenience. Making time in your busy schedule to get to a clinic can be difficult, particularly when you have children to look after, a demanding job, or are tired and stressed. Having specimen collecting services come to your door allows you to avoid any commute time and remain in the comfort of your own home. While this is a great convenience for some, it is a necessity for others. If you have mobility issues, are unable to drive, or otherwise struggle to leave the house, Ichor’s mobile services can come to you so that you can receive the services you need regardless of your mobility levels.
  • There Are No Crowded Rooms. Having the mobile lab come to your home reduces your risk of exposure, limiting your chances of contracting the highly contagious omicron variant. By not going into a public health building, you avoid the crowds of a waiting room and the tightly packed space of public transport. While this benefits everyone, it is exceptionally beneficial for those who are immunocompromised.
  • The Mobile Lab Eases The Burden On Public Labs. Hospitals and labs are being stretched to their limit with COVID cases and overworked health care staff. Specimen collection from Ichor Blood helps reduce the testing burden on other public labs.
  • Shorter Wait Times. All of the tests collected by Ichor can be completed and results returned anywhere between 24 hours to 14 days after testing, depending on the test.

Tests Offered Through The Mobile Lab

Cities Offering Mobile Lab Testing

Book Your Mobile Lab Appointment With Ichor Blood

To book your appointment with our mobile lab testing, you can download the Ichor Blood mobile app available on the App Store and Google Play! This convenient booking site allows you to choose a date and time for your appointment as well as the type of testing you are interested in. Ichor Blood Services understands that families are likely to be exposed to COVID at the same time and that genetics and similar lifestyles often result in similar medical patterns. This is why the mobile labs services offer several bookings at one home so that you can get specimen collection services for anyone in the family. To learn more about our mobile lab testing, you can visit our mobile labs page. If you would like to use our mobile lab testing services, book an appointment here.


Q: What other private lab testing services does Ichor Blood offer?
A: All of our COVID testing, general blood work, Mayo Clinic testing, and cancer screening are all available in-clinic at all of our locations. We also offer virtual/remote testing.

Q: What Ichor Blood locations offer private lab testing?
A: We offer in-clinic testing services in Calgary, AB, Edmonton, AB, Fort McMurray, AB, Red Deer, AB, Medicine Hat, AB, Vaughan, ON, and Toronto, ON

Q: How much does the mobile lab testing cost?
A: There is a $50 add-on mobile visit fee, which is only applied once per home visit. If you have multiple people being tested at the same time at the same location, the $50 fee is only applied once. The regular in-clinic pricing for all of our tests applies to at-home services.

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