COVID-19 Active PCR Testing

Ichor Blood Services works with various lab partners to facilitate COVID-19 PCR testing which can accurately detect active infections within individuals. With a targeted turnaround time of 12 to 48 hours dependant on test and city, we can help you and your family get the peace of mind you need to live in these challenging and uncertain times. 

Calgary offers same day (by midnight) travel approved PCR Results. All other offices provide results in 24-48 hours.

PCR testing allows people to quickly find out whether or not they have a current COVID-19 infection. For those who receive a negative test result, this will let them return to work and their lives with a minimal amount of disruption. 

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Contact Us for Private Blood Testing, Physician Requested General Blood Work, Corporate Group Testing for COVID-19 Antibody or COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Testing, and more!

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