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What We Do

What We Do

Mobile Lab Services for the Collection of Physician, Self-Initiated, and Corporate Blood and Urine Sample Collection.

In a time when social distancing and isolation have become the world's new norm, Ichor was developed to provide a timely, efficient, convenient and safe option for the collection of blood and urine samples for individuals, families and companies. Ichor has the capabilities to facilitate physician, private, or corporate collections in the comfort of your home, or office at a time that is convenient for you. All our technicians meet the compliance requirements for COVID-19 patient safety. Please note that for all self-initiated tests you can request a requisition online through any number of virtual care providers.    

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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to offer Canadians safe, convenient and professional mobile lab services and COVID-19 testing while alleviating the workload from our distressed health care system due to the COVID-19 crisis. Thousands of Canadians delay or defer testing due to physical limitations, time constraints and accessibility. We believe that by providing access to expedited, on demand, in-home lab services, patients can get tested quickly so that appropriate treatments can be initiated in a timely manner. Through this, we are able to mitigate the risk of transmission at public testing facilities, broadening the bandwidth of our health care infrastructure and offering comfort, privacy and dignified care for those that need it.  

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Whether a physician has ordered testing or a patient proactively wants to confirm through private testing, Ichor offers seamless lab sample collection services at a
time and place most convenient to you.

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Our technicians are equipped with all required protective equipment and adhere to health protocols to ensure safety and mitigation of exposure or transmission. The use of mobile lab services also enforces social distancing and reduces the probability of infection in a public lab environment.

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We understand that everybody's circumstances and comfort levels are different. By collecting in the convenience of the patient's home, boundaries and privacy are maintained. Our technicians are also trained to facilitate collection with an outstanding bedside manner. Patient experience, privacy, and comfort are critical success factors
and are evaluated on an appointment by appointment basis.  

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Through the implementation of an On Demand, mobile lab service, we believe that we can help alleviate the burden on our extremely fatigued health care system (and front line workers) and provide broader access to collection services. 

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How It Works

Book With Us

1.Book With Us

Select your city, the tests you want to book, complete an intake form, and submit payment.

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Ichor Contacts You to Schedule an Appointment

2.Ichor Contacts You to Schedule an Appointment

An Ichor booking coordinator in your city will receive your file and reach out to you to schedule a collection date and time that works. 

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Sample is Collected and Sent to the Lab

3.Sample is Collected and Sent to the Lab

Your sample will be collected by an Ichor technician at the scheduled appointment date and time and shipped to the appropriate lab for processing. 


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The Lab Processes Your Samples

4.The Lab Processes Your Samples

After receiving your samples, the lab will process them within a 72-hour target turnaround window.

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Results Are Posted to A Patient Portal By the Lab

5.Results Are Posted to A Patient Portal By the Lab

After the lab has run your test(s), they will post your results to a patient portal for you to access when they are ready. 

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