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What We Do

What We Do

Private COVID-19 Testing and General Lab Specimen Collection Services

If you are looking for private lab specimen collection services and COVID-19 testing, you are in the right place!

We work with a number of different labs to facilitate various types of COVID-19 testing and general lab work at our office locations and can arrange to send resources to you for larger groups and companies. 

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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to offer Canadians safe, convenient and professional private lab collection services and COVID-19 testing while alleviating the workload from our distressed health care system due to the COVID-19 crisis. Ichor is now offering travel and corporate testing not otherwise accessible through the public system.

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Ichor does our best to maintain schedule availability to ensure we can always accommodate a last minute test request for your company or group.

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Our technicians are equipped with all required protective equipment and adhere to health protocols to ensure safety and mitigation of exposure or transmission. Our office are by appointment only with 15 min appointment spacing to ensure social distancing is followed and risk of exposure minimized.

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Operating by appointment only and limiting the number of appointments we accept in a day allows us to operate in a controlled and reliable manner, 6 days a week. We do not over book our calendar, and we do not rush the process.

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Covid-19 has thrown all levels of public health into a stressed position and we take pride in being able to relieve some of the burden by splitting off a segment of asymptomatic Covid testing and general lab collection services and keeping them out of the system. Stopping the spread needs to be the priority and symptomatic cases should always be treated with priority by public health. 

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How It Works

Inquire with Us

1.Inquire with Us

Corporations can email to register with us, and individuals and families can click book now in the city they live. 


Book with Ichor

2.Book with Ichor

Appointments can be made through our city pages, or corporate accounts can be coordinated with the business development group. 


Samples are Collected and Sent to the Lab

3.Samples are Collected and Sent to the Lab

Dependant on what service or test you booked, we collect your samples and send them to the lab for processing and resulting. 

The Lab Processes Your Samples

4.The Lab Processes Your Samples

After receiving your samples, the corresponding lab will run the required tests and provide your results back to you.

Results Are Direct Emailed To You

5.Results Are Direct Emailed To You

After the lab has run your test(s), results will be directly emailed to you by the lab, or provided to your doctor in the case of general lab work in Calgary. 


Contact Us for Physician Requisitioned General Blood Work, or Corporate Group Testing for the COVID-19 Antibody or COVID-19 Active PCR Test, or for Travel Testing Test Collection Services for the COVID-19 Antibody or Active PCR Test.

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