Helping Companies Remain Open and Operate Safely with Our COVID-19 Testing Program for Businesses

Ichor Blood Services provides businesses comprehensive COVID-19 testing including Rapid antigen and antibody testing, as well as lab quality PCR and antibody testing so businesses can avoid setbacks and protect their employees. Data from the CDC and WHO has shown roughly 30 percent of Covid-19 cases are from asymptomatic individuals, meaning they had the virus without ever experiencing any symptoms. Absent any COVID-19 testing protocols, these asymptomatic people can slip through the cracks and pose serious risks to the businesses they work for.

Ichor offers antibody, molecular, and Rapid antigen COVID-19 testing for businesses. Molecular testing is used to identify active cases with rapid testing expediting the testing process, whereas antibody testing is conducted to identify past cases. When used in conjunction, antibody, rapid testing, and molecular testing can provide your company with near-complete coverage, ensure a quick response to control a possible COVID-19 spread, identify positive cases and close-contacts quickly, and safeguard your operations against disruption.

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Protect your company from COVID related setbacks or closures

With comprehensive COVID-19 testing from Ichor Blood Services, you can protect your company and its employees from suffering any setbacks or closures due to the novel coronavirus. Given the time, effort, and money your business spent on bringing people back safely to the office or job site, it only makes sense to add this level of protection and screening to your health and safety plans so those previous measures aren't wasted due to an outbreak amongst your employees.

With active infection and past infection testing available, you can provide your company with the protection it needs to keep operating effectively during these uncertain times.

Ichor operates Monday to Saturday from 8 am - 3 pm with special accommodations possible if arranged in advance. We can arrange for your employees or travel group to visit us in our office, or with advanced notice, we can come to you. Rapid Testing offers 15 minute testing time with no lab equipment needed. We also offer our remote saliva program where we can ship saliva self-collection devices to you, witness the collection over webcam, and then coach you through shipping back to the states. We can reach you literally anywhere FedEx operates!

For Corporate or Large Group Bookings, Email or Call Ichor Directly

If you are a corporation or large group looking to facilitate testing for your group or organization, please email us directly with your inquiry, or call us and select the business development option for assistance.

 Email Ichor for Corporate Bookings     Call Ichor at 1-844-424-6728

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Who will the results be shared with?

Results will be sent to each individual, as well as to a corporate respresentative at the request of the company. 

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