When you need blood work, it can be hard to get down to the clinic with a busy schedule. Now the clinic can come to you, with Ichor’s new mobile lab collection service! Simply schedule a day and time that works for you and a medical lab technician will come to collect, ship or drop off your samples. This service is available for any of Ichor’s testing, so you can get the results you want, faster and easier than ever. The Ichor Blood Services mobile lab testing services is your one stop shop for all physician or individualized health needs, including blood work, urine tests, cancer screening, prenatal tests, PCR COVID test, rapid antigen tests, and more from the comfort and safety of your home, work or location of your choice! There’s no waiting weeks for an appointment, spending time commuting, waiting in line, or crowding into waiting rooms. Take advantage of our single or multiple test collections that can be taken in one appointment at no additional cost. All you have to do is choose the time, place, and how many tests you’d like and Ichor will take care of the rest. Take your health back in your hands with private Mobile Lab Collection Services for the overall health and wellbeing of your entire family.

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Ichor Has Your Back With Our On Demand Mobile Lab Collection Service

As we navigate through uncertain times, Ichor has be a constant advocate for supporting local lab services and by providing private, affordable lab collection alternatives for in-clinic, virtual and now in home services to:

  • Deliver a fast and convenient service at your door-step.
  • Offer blood and specimen collection at your location and time of your choice.
  • Provide a highly experienced team of qualified medical laboratory technicians and professionals at your disposal. 
  • Maintain sample integrity to minimize repeat testing with our timeliness drop off and shipping of all your samples.
  • Keep the privacy of your health.
  • Offer all lab tests provided by Ichor including Covid PCR, Rapid Antigen, Travel testing, Cancer screening, prenatal, and physician requested general lab work.
  • Provide affordable rates and one time payment for one or multiple individuals.
  • Offer corporate and group bookings.
  • Service Canadians in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, and Toronto with safe, in home alternatives.

Who Can Benefit from Mobile Lab Collection Services?

While anyone can take advantage of our mobile lab collection service, there are certain people who can greatly benefit from our at-home blood, urine, and lab specimen collection including: 

  • Immunocompromised individuals
  • People with mobility issues 
  • People who don’t have access to a vehicle or public transit
  • Pregnant / expecting women 
  • People who want to find out if they may have been exposed to COVID-19, and may have antibodies for the virus


How Does Our Mobile Lab Collection Services Work for At Home Testing?

The process is easy:

  • Register Your Account By heading to the App Store or Google Play and Download the ap:
  • Enter your address, appointment date, and desired services. A technician will be dispatched, provide your services, and handle your payments. More than one person can have their blood samples taken at the same time for no additional cost, so advise your Ichor representative prior to, or include when making your booking if you’d like to have more than one test.
  • Make sure there is a clean and safe area for the clinician to do their work.
  • At the time you’ve booked, be ready for your appointment. Have your photo ID, and lab requisition paperwork (if required). The technician will then take your blood, urine, or lab specimens, and process for shipping to our accredited lab affiliates including DynaLIFE, Stage Zero, the Mayo Clinic, and other health clinics.
  • Get your results! Your test results will be emailed securely to you within 7 to 10 days.

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What Testing Is Available At Home?

For your convenience, everything Ichor’s test collection services are now available at the location of your choice. This includes:

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Cities We Serve For At Home Testing?

Ichor Blood Services is proud to offer all our in clinic services for at home private testing in the following cities:

Client Experience With Ichor Blood Services

Get Reliable Service At Your Convenience

For our new mobile service, we use a proprietary booking software so that you can pick the time that works for you, instead of being given a request time window, as with other mobile clinics. At Ichor Blood Services, we know how valuable your time is, so we’ve created a system that connects our highly trained phlebotomists directly to you, and at your convenience. The mobile clinic is a great way to get all of your COVID-19 tests, and any other blood work, done at the same time from the comfort of your own home or location of your choice for you and for your entire family. Please advise our representatives on the number of people in your household you would like to have tested. 

Ichor Blood Services offers the renowned Mayo Health Clinic Testing for COVID-19 Antibody Level Testing, and Vitamin D Levels Testing, so you know you’re getting the gold standard reliable results, utilizing top of the line technology, labs and teams. 

Avoid missing work or school, prevent inconvenient delays for testing, and take back control of your own health with quick and readily available appointment slots available through Ichor’s Private Mobile Lab Services.

Book Your At Home Private Testing With Ichor Blood Services

With the new at home testing offered through Ichor Blood Services, there’s no wait time, zero lineups, or need to leave the home. With our mobile services for your private lab specimen, blood work, or urine collection, you will be greeted by trained professionals right to your door! We also service senior’s / retirement homes, corporations, teams, and group bookings. Feel confident that your test samples are in good hands from the time the collection is done to the moment you get your emailed results. Don’t delay, get Ichor Blood Services to your home, today!

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For Groups / Corporations / Senior Facilities Fill out our contact form for inquiries, or call us at 1-844-424-6728.

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