Lab Certified RT-PCR Virtual / Remote Testing

Kits can now also be purchased at Rexall Stores across the country! A list of stores will be added to our website soon!

We are now offering virtual/remote COVID-19 testing for all! Learn how you can get your Remote/Virtual Saliva PCR COVID-19 Test below!

Ichor Blood Services in parnership with StageZero Life Sciences have launched a COVID-19 PCR Test by Mail Program that facilitates two way border crossing between Canada and the U.S.A. Travellers, employees, and the general public who require a COVID-19 PCR test result within 72 hours of travel can now purchase kits to take with them on their trip and use them in the comfort of their home or hotel room. 

Through our video conferencing capabilities, Ichor can successfully monitor your testing and help you send your materials off for testing.

StageZero's ability to direct email your test results within 48 hours for their virtual RT-PCR COVID-19 test ensures that your next travel test for work or leisure is a breeze. Learn more about how Ichor can help with your next trip to the U.S.A. or returning to Canada!

For urgent booking needs please call 403-828-9770

Virtual PCR Test by Mail Booking Support 

If you are looking to purchase a kit have have it mailed directly to your home you can do so by visiting our online store below. 



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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Purchase Remote PCR Covid-19 Test By Mail Kits?

Remote test kits are available for purchase through our oline store, our office locations, and soon to be select Pharmacy locations across Canada.

Companies or groups can also order test kits by contacting the Ichor business development group


 Email Ichor for Corporate Bookings     Call Ichor at 1-844-424-6728

How Do I Book My Remote RT-PCR Virtual / Remote Testing?

Overall program instructions including directions on how to book your video witness appointment are included in the box once you have purchased it. 

When Do I Get My Test Results for my RT-PCR Virtual Test?

Once you have completed your virtual appointment, your test results will be sent to you via encrypted email within a targeted 48 hours.

Please note, your sample is shipped to a US lab and therefore is subject to potential delays at customs. Although we do our best to mitigate these issues, shipping delays are outside of our control. If a delay occurs, your resulting time would also push out. 

Can the sample be left in the cold/heat outside for FedEx?

The sample is stable at various temperatures, but it is best to keep it at room temperature until your pick up is completed. Having it sit outside in the cold or heat for a few hours will not impact it. 

Can I tape my shipping label to the box?

If shipping the kit from the US, a return label is included in the box for you to peel the backing off and stick to the box. If shipping from Canada, an adhesive document pouch is included in the box for you to insert the label you print. You should not need to tape anything to the box. 

Can more than 1 sample be inside 1 biohazard bag?

Each specimen must be in its own bag in the event of a leak. 1 person kits include 1 specimen bag, and 2 person kits include 2 specimen bags. 

Can more than 1 sample be shipped inside the same box?

Yes, the two person kits are meant to ship both samples at the same time. 

Can the same email be used for multiple clients’ results?

Yes, the email that you register each person with is where the result will be sent, the same email can be used for multiple people. 

How do I contact Stage Zero Support ?
What do they do if they do not have a printer?

If you will be shipping from the US, you do not need a printer as the return label is included in the box. If you will be shipping from Canada, you will need to be able to print your label. 

What can they use to seal the box?

A white closure sticker is included inside the box. 

Is there a Commercial Invoice included with their shipping documents?

If shipping from the US, a commercial invoice is not required and the rreturn label included in the box is sufficient.

If shipping from Canada, when you print your label a commercial invoice is automatically attached via "Electronic Trade Documents" which means it is electronically attached to that shipping label automatically and a paper one does not need to be provided. If FedEx customer service or a FedEx driver asks for the commercial invoice, you can just tell them it has been attached electronically. 

Can samples be shipped internationally from Canada on Saturday?

No, FedEx does not ship packages from Canada to the US on Saturday. We cannot do Canadian testing on Saturday, USA only.

Testing and Shipping on separate days?

You always want to ship your package the same day you do your test to minimize your test--> result window.

If shipping from Canada, the date you use to create your shipment label must match the date of your test. If it does not, it may create delays at the border with customs. 

Do I need a special box for shipping?

If FedEx asks the client to put their shipping box in a special ‘biohazard/dangerous good pouch’ we do NOT need to put them inside these boxes. Our shipping boxes are approved for shipping as they are, we do not require this bag. 

Does the shipping label need to match the shipping date?

US-US shipping label, the date shipped does not need to match what is written on the label.

Do I need to fill out multiple intake forms?

If you have filled out 1 intake form and book a second appointment you do not need to complete a second one. 

Contact Us for Physician Requisitioned General Blood Work, or Corporate Group Testing for the COVID-19 Antibody or COVID-19 Active PCR Test, or for Travel Testing Test Collection Services for the COVID-19 Antibody or Active PCR Test.

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