Published March 7, 2022 by Ichor Blood Services
Ichor and Adaptive Biotechnologies Exclusively Bring T-Detect™ COVID T-Cell Test to Canada On Mar 7

There are many Canadians who suspect they had COVID at one point but they are unsure. For the first time in Canada, Ichor and Adaptive Biotechnologies brings you T-Detect™ COVID test T cell testing so that anyone who suspects they may have had COVID-19 in the past can know for sure with a 99% specificity rate. 

"In April 2020, Ichor became the first private company in Canada to offer qualitative antibody testing and we are pleased to be the leaders once again with T-Detect COVID," says Mike Kuzmickas, CEO for Ichor Blood Services.  "This test detects prior COVID-19 infection, which may assist clinicians in managing the overall health of their patients but it may eventually be a helpful tool for managing long-term health."


The Connection Between T Cell Testing And COVID-19

What Are T Cells?
T cells are a type of lymphocyte, a form of white blood cell, that makes up part of the immune system. T cells develop from the stem cells in the bone marrow and play an integral role in the fight to keep your body safe from bacteria and viruses. T cells also play a critical role in the detection of COVID-19, as these cells are the body’s first responders and can stay in the blood long after the antibody responses wane, making them detectable for up to 12 years.

T Cells And COVID
T cell testing gives people the opportunity to learn if they have ever had COVID-19, even if their antibodies have since dissipated. This is a huge advancement in the fight against COVID, as knowing if you’ve had COVID serves several purposes: it can help those who are struggling with long-term effects of COVID, it can help you know your current immunity levels, it can help facilitate research into the long term effects of COVID, and it validates your suspicions. Unlike other COVID tests, identifying T cells utilizes DNA sequencing analysis of the T cells to aid in the identification of adaptation of SARS-Cov-2 from the previous infection. T cell testing is not used to identify current COVID cases, it is only used to identify those who have been previously infected.

Testing your T cell levels is not only a good way to determine if you’ve been previously infected, it can also let you know how effective your COVID vaccines are, as your body’s immune response to the vaccine will also produce T cells.

Testing For T Cell Levels
T-Detect™ COVID can provide insightful information for those who either have had COVID or those who suspect they had COVID but never received the test. This newly available test has highly effective results, with 95% accuracy. T-Detect™ COVID is the only FDA EUA authorized T cell-based test to confirm recent or past SARS-CoV-2 infection, and it is the only test available for T cell detection. This revolutionary test is exclusively available in Canada through Ichor. To get your T cell levels tested, simply book a blood collection appointment at any Ichor location (Alberta and Ontario at this time). After processing, your results will be sent to you via secure email within 10 to 14 days.

T Cells Have The Answer. Get T-Detect™ COVID Testing Exclusively From Ichor Blood

To confirm COVID exposure and take back control of your health, visit our Calgary, AB, Edmonton, AB, Fort McMurray, AB, Medicine Hat, AB, Red Deer, AB, and Toronto & Vaughan, ON locations, or at any of our pop-up clinics

To learn more about T cell testing, visit the Ichor T Cell COVID-19 Test page or book online. For any other questions about tests or bookings, please fill out the online contact form or call Ichor Blood Services at 1-844-424-6728.



Q: Who should get a T Detect™ COVID T cell test?
A: Those who may still be experiencing COVID symptoms, may have taken a COVID test but suspect it may have been a false negative, or those who may have been exposed to COVID-19 but have never gotten tested.

Q: If I test positive for the T cell test, then what?
A: This means you have T cells that recognize SARS-CoV-2 and you should discuss it with your doctor. You and your doctor can better address persisting symptoms and long-term health effects..

Q: What happens if I need to cancel my appointment?
A: Any cancellations that occur more than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time will receive a full refund of the booking fee. Any cancellations that occur less than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time will be charged a cancellation fee. The fee is a 50% charge of the booking fee. This charge will be administered for Late Cancellations (within the 24-hour window before the scheduled appointment), No-Shows, or any last-minute changes to your appointment (rescheduling within 24 hours before your appointment).

Q: What other private lab testing services does Ichor Blood offer?
A: All of our COVID testing, general blood work, Mayo Clinic testing, and cancer screening are all available in-clinic at all of our locations. We also offer mobile testing where we can come to you. If you need a rapid travel test, pick up our kits, and schedule a virtual/remote test.

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