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Think your business is out of the woods because COVID-19 vaccines are beginning to be administered? Here's why that would be a naive position to take. 

After an extremely difficult 2020, there's reason for optimism amongst business owners that 2021 will be a better year. Vaccines are beginning to make their way into the arms of Canadians across the country. It's a welcome development and one that surely gives light to the dark passage we recently went through.

But thinking your business is immune to COVID-19 and its devastating effects simply because vaccines are on their way is a perilous way to view things. Here are the main reasons why.

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Why Your Business Should Still Do COVID-19 Testing When Vaccines Are Imminent

The approval and roll-out of vaccines across Canada marks a major shift in the battle against the novel coronavirus. After months of dreary and depressing news — including the dreadful second wave experienced here in Alberta — there seems to finally be a light at the end of the tunnel. 

If you own a business, you might think there's no need to keep up or begin COVID-19 testing for your employees since they all should be vaccinated soon. But the interlude between approvals and inoculation could prove just as devastating to your operation as the previous periods before it. Here's why. 

Not Everyone Is Going to Get Vaccinated

There is still hesitancy towards the vaccine amongst certain subsections of the population. Whether they're ardent anti-vaxxers or simply unsure about receiving the vaccine due to fears of the unknown, you can rest assured not everyone will get it. These people could be your employees or customers. Either way, the threat of COVID-19 will linger on far longer than it needs to because of this. Which will continue to put your business at risk. 

A New Variant Emerges

The development of a new COVID-19 variant that originated in South Africa is certainly troubling news. This new variant is much more transmissible than the original strain of the virus, and while it hasn't been shown to be more dangerous or deadly, there are worries the new vaccines won't be effective against it. The variant has already been detected in Alberta, and with its high transmission rate, it could spread like wildfire if it finds its way into our schools or places of work. 

Even a Single Case Could Severely Disrupt Your Operations

Given that certain people won't get vaccinated, along with the fact there's a new highly transmissible variant of the virus, it's highly likely that COVID-19 will continue to disrupt our lives and businesses for the foreseeable future. As case counts decrease and the virus comes under closer control, stricter measures once an outbreak has been discovered are expected. That means having even one or two COVID-19 cases pop up in your company could lead to a lengthy lockdown for it, which could severely affect your operations. If your competitors don't face such hardship, you can bet they'll continue to profit in your absence.

COVID-19 Business Testing Is a Risk Mitigation Tool

Think of all the money you've already spent because of COVID-19 and its effects on your business. Would you simply want all of it to be wasted because you were lax when the first sign of hope emerged? Compared to other safety measures you've surely enacted since the initial outbreak, COVID-19 testing for your business will be just a drop in the bucket. Its ROI, however, could be immeasurable. 

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Q: What type of COVID-19 business testing does Ichor provide?

We provide PCR swab testing for active infections and antibody serology testing for past ones. We've also recently unveiled our PCR saliva testing, which can be done remotely and without a nurse or lab assistant there in person. Specimen collection is witnessed via video conferencing and the samples are sent by mail to our testing partner. Click here for more on our COVID-19 testing for businesses program

Q: How much does your COVID-19 business testing program cost?

Please call us at 1-844-424-6728 and dial extension 4 to find out our rates for corporations and large group bookings. 

Q: What cities is your COVID-19 business testing program available in?

At this point, our COVID-19 business testing program is only available for companies located in Calgary or Edmonton. 

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