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Remote saliva COVID-19 PCR testing for active infections makes the whole process a lot more enjoyable for employees and smoother for businesses. Here's how. 

When most of us think about getting tested for an active COVID-19 infection, we picture an uncomfortable and unenjoyable swab being inserted deep into our nasal cavity or throat. But with advancements in testing capabilities, now all you have to do is spit into a funnel connected to a sample tube.

It may not conjure up the most appealing images, but the ease, comfort, and enhanced safety it provides make COVID-19 saliva PCR testing the clear choice for monitoring employees or members of your organization. And now the sample collection can be done remotely, without having a nurse or technician onsite to oversee the operation.


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Saliva COVID-19 Active PCR Testing: Less Invasive and Easier for Businesses

Business owners and organizations are hopeful that the rollout of vaccines across Canada will be done as quickly as possible, so they can return to their normal operations somewhat soon. But the reality of the situation is that it will take some time before the majority of our population is inoculated against the virus. 

After coming out of the second lockdown here in Calgary, Edmonton, and the rest of Alberta, those companies and organizations that have weathered their second hellish storm should plan for the interlude between mass inoculation and lifted restrictions. With most unlikely to be able to survive a third self-imposed lockdown or disruption due to an outbreak of the virus in their company or group, timely active infection testing can be a lifesaver. Now that testing can be done more efficiently and easier than ever.


How Saliva COVID-19 Active PCR Testing Works

Ichor Blood Services remote saliva PCR testing for active infections of COVID-19 is a simple and straightforward process. Here are the main bullet points you need to know about it:

  • Prepaid collection packages are shipped to your company or organization by our lab partner StageZero Life Sciences
  • A video conference witnessing appointment is scheduled for your group, where one of our medical laboratory assistants (MLAs) will guide your employees or members through completing the sample collection, and verify the collections have taken place
  • The samples are then shipped via FedEx to StageZero where they will be tested
  • Your results are then sent to a designated health and safety member of your team, usually within 48 hours of the samples being sent

Improved Flexibility, Safety, and Comfort

By using prepaid collection packages and remote witnessing, your business can quickly conduct large scale COVID-19 testing for active infections without majorly disrupting your workflow. The witnessing appointments can be scheduled on short notice and not having to be there in person makes the sample collection process much safer for our MLAs.

You can also spread your employees or members out to adhere to physical distancing guidelines during the sample collection, which is sometimes difficult to accomplish when people line up. The increased comfort and minimally invasive aspect of saliva COVID-19 PCR testing can also make it easier for your employees or members to comply with their testing requirements, as the fear of enduring a deep nasal or throat swab is removed. 

Our business testing program also removes the uncertainty of having employees report their own results, whether due to fear or forgetfulness. Since a designated member of your team will receive the results right away, you can quickly identify and isolate any infected workers so further disruptions or setbacks are avoided. 

With saliva COVID-19 PCR testing for your business or organization, you can ensure the sacrifices and efforts you've made to keep it alive aren't wasted while there's such a bright light at the end of the tunnel. And now you can do it in an easier and less invasive way.


How accurate is your saliva COVID-19 testing?

The StageZero COVID-19 saliva PCR test has been approved by the FDA under emergency use authorization. In a clinical study of 50 patients with known COVID-19 status, the following testing results were achieved for saliva:

  • 100 per cent positive and negative agreement for contrived samples
  • 100 per cent positive agreement for 1-2x Limit of Detection (LoD)
  • 100 per cent agreement on all clinical samples
  • 100 per cent agreement on swab vs. saliva results in clinical samples

Can you order additional sample collection kits to have on hand?

You certainly can. There is no 'shelf-life' for the sample collection kits and they can be kept for future use depending on your testing needs. Having more kits on hand will make it easier for you to conduct rapid testing as well.

How quickly can a witnessing appointment be scheduled?

Because the witnessing appointment is conducted via video conference, they can be scheduled on short notice. Depending on the availability of our MLAs, we can typically schedule witnessing appointments within 1-2 days.

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