Published January 17, 2021 by Ichor Blood Services

Colder weather is here, and a beach vacation sounds perfect right about now. With the COVID-19 Travel Testing program from Ichor Blood Services, now you can book that winter getaway without worrying whether you'll have to quarantine for an extended period of time once you get there.

Ichor Blood Services' COVID-19 Travel Testing program is the answer travellers have been waiting for. With international travel severely disrupted ever since COVID-19 first struck, the logistics of getting to a tropical destination like Hawaii have just been too cumbersome. 

First, there would be the need to quarantine for 14 days upon your arrival, remaining in isolation for the entire time. That means a two-week trip to Hawaii or some other winter getaway spot would need to turn into nearly a month-long stay to make the vacation remotely worth it. Obviously, taking a month off from work and paying for a trip that long poses some tough obstacles to overcome. 

But with Ichor Blood Services' COVID-19 Travel Testing program and its new agreement with the Aloha State, travellers can get tested before they go and avoid the mandatory 14-day quarantine should their test result be negative.


Ichor Has You Covered

If you're looking for COVID-19 testing in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Medicine Hat, Fredericton, or Niagara Falls, Ichor Blood Services has you covered. For more information on our COVID-19 testing services, click the button below. 


How Our COVID-19 Travel Testing Program Works

Doesn't sipping a Mai Tai next to the beach right now sound awesome? Now it no longer has to be a dream! Our new agreement with the state of Hawaii has seen our COVID-19 tests gain approval to be used as part of their Safe Travels Hawaii program. That means a negative COVID-19 test from Ichor that is conducted no more than 72 hours before your planned departure time can allow you to skip their mandatory 14-day quarantine period altogether. 

Here's more info on how the travel testing program works:

  • Book a COVID-19 test with Ichor no more than 72 hours before your planned departure time (the departure time must be for the flight that lands in a Hawaiian airport)
  • Create a State of Hawaii Travel and Health account
  • Receive your test results 36-48 hours after conducting your test (this is our standard turnaround time for results, but we recommend giving yourself the full 72 hours just to be safe)
  • Upload your Hawaii-specific cover sheet to your State of Hawaii Travel and Health account
  • Present your QR code to Hawaiian authorities upon arrival (authorities will scan the QR code to verify all your documents and test results are in order)
  • Enjoy your trip to Hawaii without having to quarantine for 14 days!

For more information and FAQs about our Hawaii Travel COVID-19 Testing program, be sure to click the button below.


Helping Travellers Regain Their Freedom

COVID-19 has complicated international travel and disrupted it more than any other industry on the planet. But with COVID-19 travel testing from Ichor Blood Services, now you can unpause your travel plans and take that well-deserved and hard-earned trip you've been dreaming of. We also have agreements in place with other countries as part of our COVID-19 travel testing program, contact us today to find out if the country you want to go to is covered under one of our agreements.

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