Published March 4, 2022 by Ichor Blood Services
Do Vitamin D Levels Play A Role In The Severity Of COVID Infections?

Research has emerged showing a correlation between vitamin D levels and the severity of COVID symptoms. While there are also other components that determine the severity of symptoms, this new research offers a breakthrough for helping people protect themselves against potential hospitalization. Vitamin D is very important for proper functioning of the human body; unfortunately, many Canadians are vitamin D deficient without realizing it. To know if you are one of these people, you can monitor your vitamin D levels through private lab testing and blood services. This information can help you determine how much more vitamin D you need to reach optimal levels and can help facilitate discussion with your doctor.

Vitamin D Benefits

What Is Vitamin D?
Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that helps the body to absorb calcium and phosphorus. Vitamin D helps with bone strength, and it has also been shown to reduce cancer cell growth, reduce inflammation, help control infections, decrease Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), and contribute to an overall better immune system. Vitamin D is a naturally synthesizing vitamin that is produced in the body when exposed to sunlight and, to a lesser extent, through some foods, such as salmon, cod liver oil, tuna, fortified foods, and egg yolks. Often when vitamin D levels are low, supplements can be taken. Since the main source of vitamin D is natural sunlight, many Canadians are low in vitamin D due to the lack of UV rays in the winter months, with vitamin D deficiencies becoming more common since the start of the COVID pandemic that has encouraged people to remain at home.

What Is The Relationship Between Vitamin D And COVID?
Those with insufficient vitamin D levels who contract COVID tend to have more intense symptoms, particularly respiratory complications. The chances of becoming a severe patient when a person is lacking vitamin D are significantly higher than those with adequate levels. While vitamin D levels do not increase or decrease a person’s risk of contracting COVID, it does impact their chances of developing severe, life-threatening symptoms. For many COVID-19 patients, the severity of their illness is caused by conditions with underlying inflammation, such as pneumonia/acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), myocarditis, microvascular thrombosis, and/or cytokine storm. Since vitamin D helps reduce inflammation, adequate vitamin D levels are thought to reduce the severity of these lung injuries.

How Can I Adjust My Vitamin D Level?
If you are concerned that you may have low vitamin D levels due to a lack of sunshine, there are ways to check. Vitamin D testing is available, and it will tell you if you are at a normal, safe level or if you are deficient. You can then take this information to your doctor to discuss what steps to complete next and if you should take vitamin D supplements. 

Vitamin D Testing Through Private Blood Services

If you want to check your vitamin D levels through private lab testing, contact Ichor Health. Having your vitamin D levels assessed not only increases your comprehension of your risk for COVID severity but can also help you understand your overall health and give you the tools to take control of your vitamin intake. Ichor Health offers vitamin D testing through our clinics in Calgary, AB, Edmonton, AB, Fort McMurray, AB, Red Deer, AB, Medicine Hat, AB, Vaughan, ON, Toronto, ON, and Fredericton, NB, as well as through our mobile lab services that come to your chosen location for your specimen collection convenience. To test your vitamin D levels, schedule an appointment with Ichor Health by calling 1-844-424-6728 or filling out the online contact form.


Q: Is low vitamin D the reason people get severe respiratory issues when infected with COVID?
A: Low vitamin D levels may contribute to respiratory illness severity, but multiple factors influence how COVID affects a person. Your immunity, your level of COVID antibodies, any pre-existing conditions, and more all contribute to your reaction if you contract COVID.

Q: Can I get tested for COVID-19 at Ichor Blood Services?
A: Yes. We offer a variety of COVID-19 tests (PCR and antibody tests included) through in-clinic testing, mobile testing, and virtual testing streams. If you’re interested in getting a COVID-19 test, you can view those here.

Q: Are there any risks associated with vitamin D testing?
A: The only risk is the potential for mild bruising. If you are squeamish at the sight of needles, you may want to look away while the sample is being taken, but you can discuss this with your Ichor Health phlebotomist and they will help make you as comfortable as possible.

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