Due to the ever-increasing demand for COVID-19 testing, Ichor Blood Services is offering COVID-19 testing from our test collection facilities in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Medicine Hat, Niagara Falls, and Fredericton. Our mobile lab services are on hold.


Prescription Delivery


During the COVID-19 pandemic, pharmacies are moving towards a prescription delivery model to do their part in maintaining social distancing. To help out in our own way, Ichor is utilizing our staff of trained, insured medical lab assistants to deliver prescriptions at cost to help pharmacies reduce the financial burden of this service while providing patients peace of mind that deliveries will be made on time and in a professional manner.

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Get the medication you need delivered right to your door

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, more and more pharmacies are choosing to deliver prescription medication to their patients in an effort to promote physical distancing. At Ichor, we’re pitching in to help by having our highly trained and certified Medical Laboratory Assistants make those deliveries at cost. This way pharmacies don’t have to carry an additional financial burden to do what’s right during these uncertain times, and patients can rest assured that the medication they need will arrive when they need it. 

How does your prescription delivery service work? 

By utilizing our expertise in mobile lab collection and transportation services, Ichor has been able to incorporate and institute a seamless prescription medication delivery system into our service offerings. Our highly trained and certified Medical Laboratory Assistants simply pick up the prescriptions from the pharmacy and carefully deliver them to each respective patient, disinfecting each parcel before leaving it at the door. They then notify the patient that their prescription has arrived and wait until it has been collected before proceeding onto their next destination. This ensures no medication is left unattended or falls into the wrong hands. 

How do I sign up for your prescription delivery service? 

At this point in time we are only accepting delivery orders from pharmacies. If you would like your pharmacy to use Ichor to deliver your prescription medication to your home, please reach out to them and make your request known. We would be happy to work with them.

What happens if I’m not home when you deliver my prescription? 

If we are unable to confirm physical receipt of the delivery then we must hold onto it until we are able to do so. Our certified Medical Laboratory Assistant will attempt to contact you through the phone number you’ve provided, so the two of you may work out a time when the delivery can be completed that day. If we are unsuccessful in contacting you, your prescription will be returned to the pharmacy. 

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