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Cancer Screening Tests

Ichor Blood Services is proud to be working with StageZero Life Sciences to provide lab collection services for their early 2021 launch of Aristotle, a 10 cancer screening panel from a single tube of blood. For more information on Stage Zero cancer tests, please visit their website. 

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By using blood-based biomarker testing, our laboratory partner is able to determine the likelihood or risk of having or developing colorectal, breast, or prostate cancer. These screening tests are designed to identify early cancer indicators and are used to determine if further screening or testing is required. They can also be used as a catalyst for implementing significant changes to your lifestyle which may help lower your risk of developing cancer. Please note that the tests outlined below are not covered by provincial health care. 

Detecting Cancer Early Saves Lives

It's often said in the medical community that the worst type of cancer diagnosis is a late one. Yet nearly half of all cancers that are diagnosed are done so in the later stages of the disease's development. This severely impacts a patient's chances of surviving cancer diagnosis as shown below. 

Early vs. late cancer diagnosis five-year survival rates
  • Breast cancer: Early stage (98 per cent) vs. late stage (27 per cent)
  • Prostate cancer: Early stage (100 per cent) vs. late stage (30 per cent)
  • Colorectal cancer: Early stage (90 per cent) vs. late stage (14 per cent)

Given the wide difference between surviving the above types of cancer after being diagnosed with them in different stages, it's obvious that screening and continual testing can save lives if it leads to detecting a cancer diagnosis in its early stages. Through our laboratory testing partner, Ichor Blood Services provides mobile lab collection services from the comfort and safety of your home to facilitate testing and help more people survive cancer. And that's why we're so passionate about the important work we do.

Prostate Health Index (phi) — Reducing Unnecessary Biopsies

This blood test is used to determine if elevated prostate specific antigen (PSA) levels are indicative of cancer or are actually benign conditions which would negate the need for a biopsy to be performed. In this screening test, three different PSA markers are used to more reliably determine the likelihood of elevated PSA levels in a patient leading to a cancer diagnosis. This information can then be used by your doctor to determine if a biopsy is warranted. Men who are 50 or older and have an elevated PSA ranging from 4ng/ml to 10ng/ml are candidates for this screening test. Contact Ichor Blood Services today to book your appointment for a prostate cancer screening mobile lab collection test in Calgary, Edmonton, or Toronto. 

BreastSentry — Helping Women Know if They're at Higher Risk for Breast Cancer

The BreastSentry cancer screening test can be used to help identify women who are at greater risk of developing breast cancer by measuring two different biomarkers. These biomarkers, proneurotensin (pro-NT) and proenkephalin (pro-ENK), are extremely strong indicators and very predictive of the risk a woman has of developing breast cancer during the course of her life. Using the BreastSentry screening blood test to determine if you have elevated scores that put you at higher risk of developing breast cancer will allow you to seek out further diagnostic testing, and could potentially help you and your doctor catch your cancer extremely early in your diagnosis, greatly increasing your chances of survival. Any woman who is 40 years or older is a candidate for receiving this screening test. Contact Ichor Blood Services today to book your appointment for a breast cancer screening mobile lab collection test in Calgary, Edmonton, or Toronto. 

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ColonSentry® — Less Invasive Than a Colonoscopy

The ColonSentry® blood test is a simple liquid biopsy that can help identify colorectal cancer early. This easy screening test can be a great tool for the early identification of colorectal cancer as it is much easier to execute than a colonoscopy and patients are much more willing to have it done. If your ColonSentry® test results come back with an elevated score and you're someone who is at average risk for developing colorectal cancer, then there is an increased likelihood that you may have a lesion which is pre-cancerous or have colorectal cancer. For those who have had a ColonSentry® test, studies have shown they are twice as likely to agree to having a colonoscopy done. Anyone who is at average risk for colorectal cancer and who is 45 or older is a candidate for this screening test. Contact Ichor Blood Services today to book your appointment for a colorectal cancer screening mobile lab collection test in Calgary, Edmonton, or Toronto. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to interpret my results properly?

Results will be provided to the patient, as well as the family physician who signed the requisition. The results indicate a patient's risk level in an easy to interpret format, along with recommendations. These results should always be reviewed and discussed with your physician.

When will I get my test results?

You can expect results within 72 hours of collection. Due to the time sensitive nature of the samples, we ship all cancer test samples to StageZero the day they are collected. 

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*Disclaimer: Unregulated virtual care technologies increase the risk that your personal health information may be intercepted or disclosed to third parties. These tools are being used as an extraordinary measure during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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