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Wondering what a second wave of COVID-19 will look like? Given the current trends in certain parts of the world, you may not have to use your imagination much longer. 

We've been hearing a lot about what a second wave of COVID-19 will bring with it. As this is uncharted territory, it's anyone's guess as to how the next few months will play out. But given what we've seen so far, there is room to make educated guesses about what a second wave will look like. Let's take a deeper dive into what the future may hold should the virus make a resurgence. 

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What Will a Second Wave of COVID-19 Look Like? 

Great effort and sacrifice, both personally and economically, was made to flatten the curve in Canada when COVID-19 first hit our shores. After intense lockdowns that threw the economy into a tailspin, things began opening up again once the daily figures came down to an acceptable degree. But as things opened up here in Alberta and across the country, the numbers started steadily climbing up to levels we hadn't seen since the first few months of the pandemic. Will they continue their climb or start decreasing again? Time will only tell, but there's a hope that mandatory mask rules across municipalities in the country will curb the increase. Hopefully enough before schools start up again in the near future. 

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Return to Lockdown

If a second wave of COVID-19 strikes in Alberta, and the numbers begin to reach levels that were only seen at the height of the pandemic back towards the end of April when more than 300 daily cases were reported, then a return to lockdown will be inevitable. What that lockdown will look like however is up for debate. Will it be as strict as before? Or will it be somewhat more relaxed? One thing is sure, certain activities or businesses will once again be forced to close their doors. Which could be the death knell for some companies that were able to ride out the initial closures. 

More School Closures?

Governments across the world have been keen to get students back into classrooms come the start of the school year. With the heavy burden the previous school closures placed upon families, it's easy to understand why. But if a second wave of COVID hits, will it truly be feasible to send our kids back into confined spaces where physical distancing is impossible? And what happens when an outbreak occurs at a school? Does that specific school close down while others in the system are allowed to remain open? Worse yet, what happens when infected children, some who may be asymptomatic, return to their homes at the end of the day and interact with their other family members? If a true second wave of COVID strikes Alberta, and schools begin to see increasing cases, it's hard to believe that more school closures won't be forthcoming. 


The Elephant Down South

You could certainly make the argument that the United States is still deeply entrenched and struggling mightily with its first wave of COVID-19. After New York was hit hard right off the bat, the state and city did a good job righting the ship. The rest of the country, not so much. America added a record 77,000+ daily cases in the middle of July and while things have calmed down a bit in the time since, daily case figures are still north of 40,000. The border between Canada and our closest ally will remain closed for the foreseeable future, and until their numbers come down substantially, it's hard to envision a world where Americans are welcomed with open arms anytime soon. 

While the world prays that a second wave of COVID-19 is minimal compared to the pain and suffering the first onslaught caused, current case numbers around the world are doing little to assuage fears. Until a vaccine is readily available, we may even be talking about third and fourth waves before too long.

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