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Public Laboratory Services providers are a vital piece of the provincial health care systems across Canada. But many patients experience barriers to completing the diagnostic lab work with inconvenient locations, long wait times, and lack of available appointments. Ichor Blood Services has launched a General Lab Work Service in addition to its other private lab services. Proud to provide another option for Calgarians seeking a safe and convenient way to participate in their own personal wellness, Ichor has an agremeent with Alberta Precision Labs (APL) to provide an alternate access point to have your samples collected and processed by APL. 

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A Convenient Option for Collection

Canada’s universal health care system is one of our most valuable advantages. But for patients seeking a faster, more convenient, and enhanced lab services experience, a Private Lab Services provider offers options. With shorter wait times and a mobile collection service, Ichor Blood Services can complete your diagnostic screenings quickly and confidentially. Here are the benefits of Private Lab Services.

The Benefits of Private Lab Services

We are fortunate to have access to public health services across our country, but when our health becomes a concern there is peace of mind in knowing that we have options for diagnostic testing. These are the benefits of choosing Private Lab Services when you require specimen collection:

Convenience: The streamlined scheduling offered with a private lab means a more convenient experience for patients. This is especially true for patients who require repeat, routine collection of blood or urine. Select a weekly or monthly lab appointment at a time that works for you or schedule a mobile collection appointment and eliminate the inconvenience of lengthy public lab wait times.

Accessibility: Private lab specimen collection offers accessibility not found in conventional public laboratories. The shorter wait times, mobile collection service, APL approval, and contracted corporate services provide access to customers who experience barriers to travel or who have restricted availability. 

Enhanced Screening: Private Lab Services offer a variety of enhanced screening opportunities not available in provincial public laboratories.  One of the options available only through a private lab is early cancer detection with the advanced technologies of Aristotle, a 10-cancer screening panel by StageZero Life Sciences. The detection of the early markers of risk or presence of cancer is a vital tool for increasing survival rates.

Privacy: The structured appointment model and the option for mobile collection services increase privacy for patients. The in-and-out framework of in-person specimen collection appointment allows for a private lab experience, and the mobile service allows for collection in the comfort of your own home. And your specimen undergoes the same rigorous testing and reporting procedures mandated in a public lab.

Unburden An Overloaded System: COVID-19 has taxed our public health system in many ways. Although our focus is often on ICUs, the ripple effect of this burden has affected almost every aspect of care. Private lab services assist in managing the system strain for our health community, but also for each individual patient concerned with their health and the urgency with which they can get the answers their testing can provide.

Providing A New Alternative For Patients

Ichor Blood Services is proud to offer the first of its kind private lab collection service in Alberta. We offer private lab specimen collection, prenatal and cancer screening, and COVID-19 screening for a variety of patients with options for on-site, in-lab, or mobile collection. We are pleased to serve our communities in partnership with APL to provide an alternative to patients who seek a faster, more convenient, and safe lab collection experience. Call us for further information or book your appointment online today.



Q: What is your location?
A: Private Lab Services are available through our Calgary location at 7777, 10 St NE, Suite 100, Calgary, AB, T2E 8X2.

Q: How do I get my results?
A: Once your specimen is processed, your physician will receive your results and will contact you to discuss.

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