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Ichor Blood Services has recently unveiled our remote saliva COVID-19 PCR testing program for businesses and large groups. This method of testing provides the fastest and most flexible option for companies or groups looking for accurate COVID-19 testing for active infections, without requiring in-person sample collections.

Here's more info on how it works.

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As the battle against COVID-19 evolves, so too does the testing and identification capabilities that have been developed by some of the best scientific minds our world has to offer. One of the biggest developments recently centres around saliva PCR testing, and Ichor Blood Services is proud to now be able to offer this form of remote testing for businesses or large groups. Some of the biggest benefits this form of testing provides includes:

  • Results within 48 hours
  • Ability to test immediately via remote witnessing
  • Less testing downtime/disturbance
  • Minimally invasive collection method
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Testing available anywhere FedEx ships

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How Our Remote Saliva COVID-19 Testing Program Works

With our remote saliva COVID-19 testing program, we don't even have to be in the same city as you to collect your sample. One of our medical lab assistants just needs to witness your sample collection via video conferencing. This means you or your company can receive active COVID-19 testing wherever you are, so long as FedEx ships there.

Let's take a more in-depth look at how our new remote saliva COVID-19 testing program works.

Prepay for your COVID-19 saliva testing kits

Simply contact Ichor Blood Services to order the number of COVID-19 saliva testing kits you need for your group or business. You will then be required to prepay for your testing kits at this point.

Our lab partner will ship your testing kits to you

Our lab partner, StageZero Life Sciences, will then ship your remote saliva COVID-19 testing kits to your location. The StageZero COVID-19 saliva PCR test has been approved by the FDA under emergency use authorization. In a clinical study of 50 patients with known COVID-19 status, the following testing results were achieved for saliva:

  • 100 per cent positive and negative agreement for contrived samples
  • 100 per cent positive agreement for 1-2x Limit of Detection (LoD)
  • 100 per cent agreement on all clinical samples
  • 100 per cent agreement on swab vs. saliva results in clinical samples
Schedule a witnessing appointment with one of our MLAs after receiving your testing kits

Ichor will then work with you or your group or business to schedule a time for one of our medical laboratory assistants (MLAs) to witness the sample collections via video conferencing. In addition to witnessing the sample collection, our MLA will also coach your employees or group members on how to successfully complete the process and affix the provided prepaid shipping labels. Each kit comes with thorough instructions on how to do both of these actions as well.


Complete your collection sample appointment and ship your samples back to StageZero

After everyone in your group or all your employees have had their sample collections witnessed by one of our MLAs, and the prepaid shipping envelopes have been properly sealed and affixed, you can either take your samples to your nearest FedEx location or have FedEx come and pick them up from where you are. The samples will then be shipped overnight on a FedEx priority plane with them arriving at the lab the next morning. You can then expect to receive your results within 48 hours.

Results are emailed to the designated health representative

Once the lab has finished conducting its tests on your samples, the person you have designated as the health representative for your business or group will be emailed further instructions on how to access your results. Results should arrive no later than 48 hours from the time they arrived at the lab via overnight priority shipping.

The fastest, most flexible COVID-19 PCR testing option for businesses or large groups

Our new remote saliva COVID-19 PCR testing program is unmatched when it comes to the speed and flexibility with which active COVID-19 infections can be detected in a group or business testing environment. With no need for a nurse to be on hand to collect or oversee the sample collection procedure, and the ability to receive accurate and quick COVID-19 testing anywhere in Canada that FedEx ships, Ichor is making active COVID-19 testing more convenient than ever. 

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