Published June 24, 2021 by Ichor Blood Services

Travel restrictions are easing and it seems that international travel will soon be a real possibility again. But even as borders open up, many countries still require travellers to present a negative COVID-19 test for entry. Ensure you have all required documentation to get to where you need to go and avoid delays and denied entries with Ichor’s COVID-19 Travel Testing Services. For companies seeking worry-free passage for their employees and for pleasure travellers with their eye on a relaxing destination getaway, there are options for quick and convenient results with Ichor Blood Services Covid-19 Rapid Testing.

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How Ichor’s COVID-19 Travel Testing Program Works

Ichor has partnered with several different labs across the cities that we serve to coordinate a targeted turnaround time of 12-48 hours for PCR and test results dependant on the city you are in. This allows travellers to be tested and receive results within the 72-hour window required for most international travel.

What is a PCR test?

A PCR test is a polymerase chain reaction test and it can accurately detect active infections by identifying the genetic material of the COVID-19 virus. 

Your Options For Testing

  • In-Clinic: Book a convenient appointment at one of our locations for a quick and easy sample collection. Your test documentation will generally be delivered to you in 36-48 hours, but please allow up to 72 hours to be safe.
  • On-Site: For companies preparing employees for work-related travel, Ichor offers options for workplace testing. Connect with our team to see how we can help coordinate testing to facilitate your workforce travel plans.
  • Through Mail: Ichor Blood Services has launched a COVID-19 PCR Test by Mail Program that allows travellers to meet the 72 hours negative test requirements by purchasing kits to take with them and perform the required testing while in transit. This means that for travellers with complex and lengthy itineraries, COVID-19 testing can be completed en route through video conferencing connections with Ichor anywhere that FedEx operates.

The Benefits Of Travel Testing

  • Quick turnarounds: Ichor is partnered with several accredited labs to provide a coordinated turnaround of 48 hours for PCR test results.
  • Certified documentation of a negative test: The negative test certificate issued by Ichor Blood Services is recognized by most destination countries.
  • Avoid expensive international testing: If you fail to provide a negative test result, the destination country may require you to complete costly testing upon arrival.
  • Avoid isolation: Many countries will waive a required 10-14 day quarantine for travellers with a negative test certificate.

Safe Travels

Many of us have waited a long time to be able to travel once again. For business or pleasure, travellers are happy just to roam again. Don’t let the lingering effects of COVID-19 impact your ability to travel easily and safely. The Ichor COVID-19 Travel Testing Program offers rapid results, recognized documentation, and peace of mind for travellers. Ensure that your travel plans are not derailed by exploring Ichor’s options for testing and book your appointment to guarantee your test results will keep you en route to your destination.


How do I book a COVID-19 Travel Test?
Ichor has several options for COVID-19 Rapid Testing depending on your city. Select your location to see your choices for testing and booking. See the cities that we serve here.

Can you come to our company offices to conduct the tests?
We can often accommodate corporate and group testing for travel. Email us directly to enquire or call us and dial extension 4 for our Business Development team.

How quickly can I get results?
Results could be received in as little as 12 hours but our targeted turnaround is 48 hours. But please allow the entire 72 hours to receive your result and minimize interruptions to your travel plans.


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